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How can I rent a car?


You can rent a car on CarBND at any time of the day simply with a few clicks and without phone calls. Search available cars by location or date. You can also personalize the results based on price, distance, car type and many other filters!

In order to make a booking, you have to create a profile by providing some personal information, and you will also need your debit/credit card details for payment.

Who can rent cars on CarBND?


You have to be over 21, have a valid driving license and at least two years of driving experience to register as a user and to rent on CarBND.

How does the booking process work?


1. Tell us when and where would you like to rent a car, and select the one that best fits the purpose of your trip.

2. Send a booking request! As part of the booking request, you can introduce yourself and also ask any additional questions you may have. You can send booking requests for multiple cars simultaneously.

3. The host has 24 hours to approve your booking request, but it usually happens much sooner in our experience. We notify you about the approval via both email and text.

4. Settle the rental fee in order to finalize the booking. Bear in mind that a car can receive multiple booking requests for the same time period - therefore, it's important to pay the rental fee as soon as possible.
How can I contact the host?


You can conveniently message the host through our system when you send a booking request or at any time afterwards. We will provide you with the phone number of the host once you settled the rental fee.

It is very important that you have to record every change to the booking on our website. Modifications not recorded on the website can lead to settlement and insurance problems, and can even force us to ban users from our platform.

When and how should I pay for the rental?


You have to settle the rental fee in advance after the host approved your booking request, through our online payment system operated by Paypal or Stripe. You can find the payment option on the Bookings tab of your personal Profile.


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